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Gerrit Nagelhout

Gerrit Nagelhout

Co-founder and CEO

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Gerrit is a co-founder & CEO of Aterlo Networks Inc (Preseem). He currently leads sales, business development and client relationships for Preseem – WISPA Award-winning Quality of Experience (QoE) monitoring and optimization platform.

He has spoken at numerous networking and advanced technical panels at industry events such as Wispamerica and Wispapalooza along with many online panels and conferences.

Prior to co-founding Aterlo Networks, Gerrit served as AVP-Engineering with Sandvine, a leading telecommunications equipment supplier. His stint with Sandvine included his overseas experience of managing Sandvine’s Israel development site.

Gerrit completed his computer engineering degree from University of Waterloo in 2000 and started his career with PixStream and Cisco Systems.

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