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David Theodore

David Theodore

Co-founder and CTO
Climate Resilient Internet

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David graduated Boston College in 1983 and four years later, pioneered the industry’s first fixed wireless internet solution. Named “Etherwave,” it used 23GHz licensed radios and delivered 10 Mbps (FD) internet access for enterprise and government facilities across 46 states and a dozen countries.

David’s startup, Microwave Bypass, put the first URLs registrants on the internet, partnered with MIT, Harvard and B.U. to build New England’s first regional backbone, innovated teleradiology, aided the Space Shuttle, gave Interop its first show access, delivered the first wireless home internet (to Sun Microsystems’ Bill Joy) and licensed technologies to Motorola.

At its peak, LAN Times named Microwave Bypass one of the top 10 emerging tech firms in the 1990’s, and The Aberdeen Group put the company’s market share at 75-80%.

In more recent years, David designed one of the world’s fastest data corridors for high frequency trading between the CME and the NYSE. Thereafter, he wrote about the emerging WISP industry and 5G, advising vendors, WISPs and investors.

Today, as a climate activist and co-founder of Climate Resilient Internet, David is raising awareness about the vulnerability of our internet infrastructure to extreme weather, and advancing new best practices for telecommunications.

Climate change brings heightened relevance to the fixed wireless industry, presenting a unique opportunity to meet a multi-billion-dollar worldwide mandate for climate readiness.

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