Full Name
Dan Siemon
Job Title
Co-founder and VP - Product Management
Speaker Bio
Dan is a co-founder and head of product management at Preseem - WISPA Award-winning Quality of Experience (QoE) monitoring and optimization platform. He is a regular panelist and contributor to advanced technical panels on various forums, podcasts and live events including Wispamerica and Wispapalooza.

Dan has been an owner as well as network administrator for an ISP in Southern Ontario. He currently serves as board chair for a rural telecommunications company (with fibre+wireless offerings) in Canada.

Prior to Preseem, Dan served as a senior product manager at Sandvine, a leading telecommunications equipment supplier. His role included managing mission-critical products for tier-1 telco operators around the world.

Dan completed his bachelors as well as Masters in Computer Science from Western University in Canada.

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Dan Siemon